Car rental Tesla S

Experience the future - Tesla Model S to rent now with us. The electric car specialist Tesla sets with the Model S now the concept of a comfortable sport sedan. The Tesla Model S is driving fun purely, performance without end from the start, with a vehemence, which inspires respect. Our Model is the 85: 387 HP, in 5.6 seconds 0 to 100, range up to 400 km, color: black, with panorama roof. Rent the Tesla Model S and let you be surprised.

Introductory package, for the Tesla S: 1 hour accompanied CHF 120

RENT PRICES 200 FREE KILOMETERS PER DAY                     Tesla S                                         Tesla 3

Rent per day; 1 Day:                                                                       CHF 410

Rent per day; 2-6 Days:                                                                  CHF 390

Rent per day; 7-13 Days:                                                                CHF 350

Price for addition kilometers Tesla S CHF 2.60

Driver request: Minimum age 25, driving license 3 years, self keep in the case of damage CHF 2000

Further specification:

Bail: As security for our vehicle we are to rise a surety. You can transfer the deposit either in advance or we accept cash and credit card payments.

Please call us:  +41 32 513 36 78


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